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'Creative Photography that Captures the Moment and Tells Your Story.'

I love photography because I love life and want to capture life and remember the times. From early on I had an aptitude for art and design. It's my desire to explore our world and be a part of an adventure, even if I didn't travel too far away...as there is so much to discover all around us.

I consider myself to be a reliable, responsive and disciplined person. Even though I only spent just over two years in the Army as a Cavalry Scout, and the rest in Individual Ready Reserve, I feel that I made the most of my time there. I received three Army Achievement Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, and was a candidate for soldier of the month. I had a beneficial time there in being a soldier. The Army found out I have an art background and so I also served as the unit artist.

I enjoy music, movies, dance, theater and fashion and seek to incorporate those elements into my pictures. I believe in making a positive difference with the pictures I take and often volunteer my photography services to various charities. We can all make a difference, especially in following our passion and serving others.

I do what I can to take or make a great image and have people look good in them. It is a joy to share my photography and life. My name Vithaya means 'knowledge,' and it is my desire to know the realities of life and help make it known through photography.

My blog: http://vithayaphotography.blogspot.com/