I was looking forward to attending the Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks seminar in DC with Scott Kelby.

It was cool to have this new Adobe Photoshop seminar kickoff in DC. After a quick check in and receiving the seminar materials, I wandered over to the tables with all educational resources on them, just to have a look. ;-. The representatives were there to share and eager to help answer any questions. Of course they had a NAPP table, and there was information on Kelbytraining along with educational books and DVDs. I couldn't pass up the deals, so I signed up for a two year membership to NAPP and was able to choose a couple books or DVDs because of it. I got a couple Lightroom 2 training DVDs. There was also a table for Graphic Authority and one for onOne. Westcott had an area set up with their lights.

There were a few lines of people waiting to get into the ballroom and when the doors opened at 9am, it seemed like everyone had won a timed shopping spree, as we flooded the room to get a preferred seat. I was able to sit four rows from the front and on the end. I noticed Jeff Revell of PhotoWalkPro at the front and talked with him for a little while. I had gone on Jeff's PhotoWalk group as part of Scott Kelby's Worldwide PhotoWalk (8/23/08). I knew I was among some great designers, photographers and teachers with this seminar, and I was here to learn what I could and build upon what I already know. There is so much to learn with Photoshop and once you get a technique down, it can be very motivating. Just being here was an inspiration.

Before the seminar started I walked outside the ballroom to check out the scene there and noticed a familiar looking guy with another guy accompanying him. It was Scott Kelby and Corey Barker. They came in through the front door. So maybe they were trying to explain to the registration person who they are and that they're supposed to get in free. ;-}. As Scott walked into the ballroom and came alongside and sparked a conversation. He was very friendly and we had a chat enroute to the front of the ballroom.

The seminar was packed with great material and Scott added some extra tips throughout the seminar. Good stuff! It's well worth the price. What I admire about Scott is not only his profession, but his style and humor. It was a great reminder that even though we can prepare for something, things can still go wrong, yet perseverance and a good sense of humor can make a big difference. Have a great support team and network is essential too.

After a full day of training, I felt like I got a lot out of the day, yet I knew that I would need some time after the seminar to go over all the material and put it into practice. Thanks Scott and crew for a great seminar. I look forward to so much more living and learning.

I appreciate Scott Kelby putting an entry on his blog on May 12, 2009 sharing one of the photos I took at the seminar and the link to the other pictures I took there.